Angler’s Announcement: important notes regarding fall fishing.

Fall is here, and for us anglers that means two things: the browns are spawning, and so are the kokanee.

Streamers will be fishing the best they have all year, but don’t get too excited. We want to make sure the the fish can spawn in peace to ensure a healthy population in the coming years.

That said, last week the Little Truckee River flows were dropped to 10cfs, extremely low. Spawning browns and kokanee were very vulnerable during this time. Myself and the crew at MHFF wanted to thank each and every angler who left these amazing fish alone during this time.

Since the fish are spawning, we also need to mind where we step in the river. Don’t tread on the redds! We want our future fish, so keep your eyes out for possible spawning areas and avoid them!

Redds are basically fish nests. The eggs are fertilized and covered up by gravel to hatch in the coming months. One can distinguish a redd by its difference in color than the usual river bottom.

Notice the color difference of the gravel. Photo courtesy of Colorado Fly Fishing Reports

By- Ryan Rintala, Social Media @mattheronflyfishing

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