Introducing the Connective Fly Fishing Company!

Brian Purdy is one of our local fly fishing guides, and is beginning the New Year with a new company! “The Connective Fly Fishing Company” is bringing together artwork, clothing, and the fly fishing experience and culture. Purdy and his team have been planning new designs that will be printed on clothes and accessories and, soon, available to purchase.

Purdy also has a secret weapon for his brand, an anonymous artist that likes to lay low. He’s been helping with creating designs in the Connective Fly Fish studio. A bit of a mystery, at least for now.

The Connective Fly Fish Co’s mystery man. Photo courtesy of Brian Purdy.

On top of our Mystery Man, the Connective Fly Fishing Company is working with a team of very talented artists with their roots in urban graffiti, which brings edginess and creativity to the designs.

Brian has always been interested in clothing and artwork, and with 15 years in the action sports industry under his belt he wants to do something different. During those 15 years, he made action sport movies and plans on bringing that feel for cinematography to the brand.

Photo courtesy of Brian Purdy.

“Fly fishing is seeing the change that golf did 20 years ago… It’s not just for the old affluent guy anymore, the younger generation is flooding the fly fishing scene,” Purdy explains. Today, fly fishing is its own culture, and is being taken more seriously by outdoor enthusiasts of all ages as a lifestyle instead of a hobby.

Personally, I consider this new brand’s effort to support an inclusive community as similar to Matt Heron Fly Fishing’s work with the Cast Hope organization. Cast Hope has helped introduce many of us to the fly fishing scene. This positivity is an emerging strength in the fly fishing community.

“We also want to support getting kids on the water, organizations like Cast Hope are doing a great job at this.” Brian’s reasoning behind this is that kids will be carrying the torch of fly fishing in just a few years, so to keep the lifestyle alive it has to be passed down.

Photo courtesy of Brian Purdy.

The Connective Fly Fishing Company stands first for human decency, plain and simple. They’re depicting fly fishing as more of a lifestyle than a sport. The company is going to advocate for and be involved in things like climate change, cleaning up the rivers, and being better people.

Check out @theconnectiveflyfishco on Instagram for some of their artwork!

Artwork and photo provided by Brian Purdy

We’re looking forward to what the Connective Fly Fishing Company has to offer!

Ryan Rintala | Social Media @mattheronflyfishing

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