Landon Mayer’s Dream Stream Defense

Landon Mayer resides in Colorado and spends his free time fly fishing on several of the state’s finest and famous rivers and lakes. As a guide, he is accustomed to the issue of uneducated anglers fishing for spawning trout.

The South Platte is one of the rivers he frequents, and there is a particular three-mile long section known as the Dream Stream. Anglers land sizable fish daily. Because of its opportunity for big fish, the Dream Stream gets quite a lot of pressure from experienced and rookie fly fishers.

Photo Courtesy of Landon Mayer

Fall and spring are important to fish because it’s when trout spawn. Brown trout spawn each fall, sitting in shallow water with a gravel bottom in pairs and digging their redds.

These spawn events are crucial for the continuation of each fish species, and some unethical or uneducated anglers use it as an opportunity to land that trophy fish they’re looking for.

Luckily, Mayer put in some time and organized for educational signs to be placed on the Dream Stream where trout are known to spawn.

Photo Courtesy of Landon Mayer

This should help prevent the issue of anglers targeting spawning trout and help the Dream Stream keep its status as a blue-ribbon trout fishery.

Good work Landon, and thank you!

Ryan Rintala | Social Media @mattheronflyfishing

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