Shaving Bowl

Product Description:


  1. This classic stainless steel shaving dish holds any of our MÜHLE shaving soaps and creams
  2. The chrome-plated dish is stylish in any bathroom and goes great with our TRADITIONAL series of razors and brushes.
  3. A wide lip and short sides are perfect for lathering shaving your favorite wet shaving soap or cream, right in the mug
  4. No more banging the sides as you move your brush along the ridges the foam started to appear like a magic cream experience that Jimmy Hendrix would have been proud of.
  5. Portable, very classy and stylish.
  6. Fine design for safe and long-lasting usage.
  7. High quality finishing with perfect grip on fingers.
  8. High quality Stainless Steel material is used.
  9. Ideal for home, barbershops, personal or professional use.
SKU: SO-1401-00
Additional Information

Sterilization Process Detail:

Cleansing Warnings: Sterilize before use. Clean, lubricate and sterilize instruments before use. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. If possible, use demineralized water. Dry thoroughly after rinsing. Treat the instruments equipped with joints with water-soluble lubricants. Corroded instruments must be discarded immediately.


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