Plastic Handle Hairdressing Thinning Scissors

Product Description:

  1. Hair thinning scissors with precise thinning blades and hand-sharpened thinning edges to evenly trim hair with ease.
  2. Super cut hair thinning cutting scissors that will change your views of affordable, easy, and impressive hair cutting.
  3. The scissors are sharp, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and rust-proof.
  4. With finely-ground blade and smooth surface, the hair clippers will not damage or split the hair ends, perfect for cutting wet and dry hair.
  5. Made of high quality stainless steel material.
  6. Ergonomically plastic handle are kept for superior grip and accuracy.
  7. It is perfect tool to be used in Salon by barbers & hairdressers and for personal work as it is made for multipurpose use.
  8. Blade stay sharp through frequency usage.
  9. Stainless Steel scissors are durable and easy to clean.
  10. Available in Dull.
SKU: SN-1201-00,SN-1209-00
Additional Information

Sterilization Process Detail:

Cleansing Warnings: Sterilize before use. Clean, lubricate and sterilize instruments before use. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. If possible, use demineralized water. Dry thoroughly after rinsing. Treat the instruments equipped with joints with water-soluble lubricants. Corroded instruments must be discarded immediately.



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