Plastic Handle Nail Files

Product Description:

Nail Files

  1. Perfect solution for shaping the natural nails and artificial nails with a lighter touch in any direction.
  2. It can helps your nails healthier and avoid the jagged nail edge.
  3. The abrasive filing surface is gentle and effective and never wears out or becomes blunt.
  4. It gives nails smooth without ragged ends.
  5. Made in high quality material
  6. Comfortable use and easy gripping in either hand.
  7. Suitable for makeup salon, cosmetic studio, makeup artist, professional or personal use.
SKU: SG-1001-00
Additional Information

Sterilization Process Detail:

Cleansing Warnings: Sterilize before use. Clean, lubricate and sterilize instruments before use. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. If possible, use demineralized water. Dry thoroughly after rinsing. Treat the instruments equipped with joints with water-soluble lubricants. Corroded instruments must be discarded immediately.


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