Plastic Mixing Makeup Pallet with Hole

Product Description:

Makeup Plates

  1. Makeup plate is excellent for mixing foundation, such as blending lips colors or eye shades colors.
  2. Smooth texture surface.
  3. The palette is round and does not hurt hands and the palette is not east to fade.
  4. Comfortable use and easy gripping in either hand.
  5. Simply wipe the blades with alcohol after used.
  1. Available in Dull and Mirror
  2. Suitable for makeup salon, cosmetic studio, makeup artist, professional or personal use.
SKU: SF-1075-00
Additional Information

Sterilization Process Detail:

Cleansing Warnings: Sterilize before use. Clean, lubricate and sterilize instruments before use. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning. If possible, use demineralized water. Dry thoroughly after rinsing. Treat the instruments equipped with joints with water-soluble lubricants. Corroded instruments must be discarded immediately.


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