Truckee River- Lake Tahoe Area Fly Fishing Report 6.4.15

The rain last week gave the Truckee a much needed flush of fresh water through the system and the fish and bugs seemed to appreciate it. The storms did pump some color in the river from a few different sources but that’s a non issue now.


We’re seeing all kinds of bugs at this point and summer hatches will be in full swing soon. There are still a few baetis around but they are pretty much ending, PMDs are out, green drakes are starting, caddis in several sizes are getting eaten daily and big stonefly attractors have been sticking fish.

 We had two stellar days of carpenter ant fishing that ended as quickly as it started. They aren’t done yet so make sure you have some big terrestrials with you, they will pop again as it gets warmer.

 Our fly fishing school ponds are still firing and we’re getting in to fish in every class. If you’re a beginner or intermediate angler, be sure to check out our extensive list of class options.

 Sawmill Lake (Private)- Sawmill is getting better by the day as it gets warmer in Truckee. We’re getting fish on all the normal bugs callibaetis, damsels, ants and midges. Bigger fish than normal are being caught this year and fish in the 3-6lb class are ‘almost’ the norm!

 Our June is extremely full but we always have guides available to get you on the water. Contact any time at or at 518-225-6587 to book.


canyon bow tag

Bows in the canyon are eating the big stuff.

carpenter ant pond tag

If you were lucky enough to be on the water when the carpenter ants hatched then you should buy a lotto ticket. They went off in Squaw and on the river. Anything big and ugly worked.

green drake tag

Green Drakes are on the move.


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